Manage Your Next Agile Project With Notion

A single dashboard to take you from the start to the finish of your Agile development project
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Key Benefits


Increased Flexibility

Teams work with constant feedback from the product owner and vice versa to improve workflows and implement changes quickly.

Reduced Risks

Work in small sprints to minimise the impact of failure on the overall project. Learn from mistakes quickly.

Continuous Improvement

Improved communication and collaboration between team members allows past mistakes to be learned from and not repeated.

How about that

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Superior Quality Product

Developing using Agile leads to higher overall product quality compared to traditional waterfall methods

What's Included?


Fully Integrated Dashboard

View the timelines of your themes and epics, as well as the progress of your sprints within a single workspace
Notion Agile Dashboard for Sprint and Scrum Planning
Product Roadmap, Project Kick Off and Product Vision Notion Templates

Product Roadmap and Vision Templates

Setup the vision for the overall project by outlining the goals and the changes that the product will bring about

Theme, Epic, Sprint and User Story Monitoring

Easily monitor the progress of product development in one place

Multiple Ready To Use Templates

Use the preset templates to get your agile project off to an amazing start and keep it on track during development

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Notion Agile Dashboard


Scrum Meeting Templates


Interlinked Databases


11+ Templates


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